About PB

Photon Beard – an introduction

Photon Beard Ltd is a leading UK specialist manufacturer of entertainment lighting equipment known worldwide for their quality, reliability and versatility. All Photon Beard products are individually hand-built in our own factory to the highest standards, as you would expect from a company that is proud of its long standing reputation for excellence.
Our products are in use around the world. We have previously supplied large orders of our Highlight range to Phoenix TV in Hong Kong and China State TV via our dealer in the region, Strand Lighting. YouTube Space London was our launch customer for Highlight LED recently and WLTX in South Carolina the first US customer for them. We have our luminaires operating in studios from the West Coast of the US all the way east to Hong Kong and probably on a remote island in the middle of the Pacific..

History Photon Beard is the oldest entertainment lighting company in the world, started in 1882 with the invention of the automatic gas pressure regulator by R.R. Beard. His invention meant that the flow of oxygen onto the lime would be steady and the company’s limelights would have steady light output. Today essentially the same design means your steaks are evenly cooked if you have a gas barbecue!

Customer Service We don’t see many limelights for repair these days but we can, and do, repair older products to keep them in operation, some 30 years after we built them. This attitude to looking after customers and regarding our products as having a long life differentiates us from many recent entrants into the lighting business who treat their products as quickly disposable.

Milestones There have been many over the years, such as the opening of the “new” Pinewood Studios, which had mostly R. R. Beard lights, or the filming of “The Golden Compass” with Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig, which was almost entirely lit with PB studio fluorescents. Recently the introduction of new lighting technologies has been a major event for us with the installation of the lighting systems throughout the new YouTube Studios in London, one of the first all 4K IP connected facilities in the world.

Technologies Although we still offer both tungsten and fluorescent lights, our new business has been built around remote phosphor LED technology. We waited a considerable time before introducing our first LED based lights as we felt that the compromises made with many units were such that there was little overall benefit. The PB80 remote phosphor LED RedHead, our first LED powered light was introduced to excellent reviews and a “Best Light of the Year” award from Videomaker. Last year we introduced Highlight LED, a remote phosphor LED softlight range that is the first to replicate the optical behavior of studio fluorescents while improving on efficiency, output and color quality, all coupled with a 5 year warranty. With a more traditional source, our “Platinum Blonde” brings the massive power of HMI lighting to a smaller and more affordable package than has ever been available.

Product Range Although Photon Beard still has a very wide range of lighting products available, we are primarily promoting our newest products for the US market. The PB80 LED RedHead, Platinum Blonde 1200W HMI, and the full range of Highlight LED softlights and accessories.