Platinum Blonde 1.2 KW HMI Focussing Floodlight - Head only
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Platinum Blonde 1.2 KW HMI Focussing Floodlight - Head only

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A 1200W HMI linear lamp in an open face format that is ideal for any requirements where raw output is required such as for use as a bounce light or for punching through some diffusion to create a very soft, powerful daylight source. Because it is only 1200W it can be powered from virtually any domestic supply worldwide and is also excellent for use with small generators for location and mobile shooting.

The Platinum Blonde is a new light based on tried and tested technology.

We have taken a much used, and widely available lamp, the double ended 1200W HMI, and utilized the housing of our 2kW Tungsten Blonde.

The result is a lightweight, portable, high output, low cost daylight source with known colour characteristics, and great quality of light.  Controls on the lamphead are kept to a minimum to reduce weight, and consist solely of a focus knob, with the on/off function being controlled from the ballast.

The Platinum Blonde Head Only is wired with the standardized ARRI pin configuration that will work with most 1.2 KW ballasts.  It is supplied with barndoors, head to ballast cable and 1.2kW HMI lamp.

Delivery on the Platinum Blonde is currently 3 weeks from order.